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Apache APR Project Source Code Recommended Patches

This downloads page includes only patches to the sources strongly recommended for building APR projects, generally using security .

Summary of patches

Icon  Name                              Last modified      Size  Description
[DIR] Parent Directory - Portable Runtime project [   ] apr-util-1.x-CVE-2009-2412.patch 03-Oct-2009 15:28 2.5K Source code patch [   ] apr-1.x-PR47645.patch 03-Oct-2009 15:28 718 Source code patch [   ] apr-1.x-CVE-2009-2412.patch 03-Oct-2009 15:28 2.0K Source code patch [   ] apr-1.5.0-out-of-tree-build.patch 16-Nov-2013 16:38 901 Source code patch
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